Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Still Smiling

Women are the foundation of many families. We have to make it regardless. When our "rib", not our back bone, when our rib is pushed and pulled and weakened, we can only lean on the Lord. Men, saved or not, don't have anything to be sorry about or take issue with; their wives and mothers have always taken care of business.

Women are the foundation of many families. When the kids look a mess, people look to the mother. What isn't she doing right to keep these kids together. It's the foundation of the mom that stabilizes the kids. What is her foundation?

If she is rooted in the Lord, she is still smiling. If she is rooted in the Lord, that "rib" will mend. If she is rooted in the Lord, her prayers will be answered. Still smiling. A woman of God's foundation is rooted in prayer, and fasting. Life style changes according to God's word.

But, no ma'am it's not that easy. A woman whose foundation was not solid, that is getting solid is going to have times when the enemy will challenge her. Forget the man that is in the house.....not trying to stand on the same foundation. The enemy has him already. No, it's not that easy to keep smiling. It's not easy to love and love and not get anything back. To prepare and pray and not see any results. Still smiling, the foundation was never stable.
How do we get the foundation stable? Some women get tired of always being so strong. Always trying to be in the right place and doing the right things. God knows about the crying in the night and smiling in the day. No, sir we are not being phony....we are encouraging all those women around us to get their foundation straight, their rib mended....Praise God, when you know to lean on the Father.
No way, it's not that easy. At 3:00 in the morning, women wash clothes, clean basements, and ponder why the children are so disruptive...why the house is so "unkempt"? Women are left alone to figure it all out. At 3:00 in the morning...just in case someone wakes.....mothers, wives, are still smiling...
Pearly whites show through the night to comfort a child or let the husband know all is well.....but what if its not? The woman that is crying out "I am tired of being a loser"...........a solid foundation brings peace in the storm and a woman my realize that she isn't a loser, she is suffering for a short while. Weeping may endure............still smiling in the morning.

God I said....what is wrong? People of the world are human. They are only worried about their own feelings. Some things can't be changed and some things can't be altered. Only the Lord can move them into the right place, but only they can make the decision to stay in that place.
Women, we are not the problem. The enemy has hold of people in our lives and those people are complacent with where they are. It's not out fault, women, that we are the foundation of the family. We can't waver, we cant fall, we can't quit. We are the Pro. 31 woman, that God made to be all know all show all and smile.
Encourage the young women...as best you can. In these last days, the women, are the ones guiding light....no matter what goes on in the world....we are
Still Smiling

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